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Rural Agricultural Development Society

Seminor on Development and future challenges of AP

On 13th September 2012, Rural Agricultural Development Society (RADS) and organized a get together party on the occassion of, birthday of Shri.N.Kiran Kumar Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh at the Gurujada Hall of AP Bhavan in the national capital. Smt.Renukha Chowdhary former union minister as a chief guest appreciated Shri.N.kiran kumar reddy for his leadership and schemes initiated by him. Smt.Renuka Chowdhary also appreciated RADS initiative about the seminor and its popularity on agricultural and Science Awarness Programs. Also she appealed the youth to takeup agriculture as a career and reep the benefits. She recalled how she ride a tracker at an age of 13 and hoe she became a part of growing the crops such as chillies ans pulses.


Prof Y. C. Simhadri, former Vice Chancellor of Andhra, Patna, Nagarjuna & Benares Hindu Universities and presently Director of Bureau of Parliamentary Studies and Constitutional Law; appreciated about the programs being organized by RADS, like science awarness programs, science tours and exhibitions for rural students and for being community.


Padma award winner Dr.S V Rama Rao, the eminent artist(Painter, No of his painting displayed in international exhibitions and gallaries), Kandukuri Suryanarayan, former news reader; Kandukuri Mahalakshmi, famous writer; Kovuuri Ganapathi Reddy, OSD to Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh; and other personalities  were present.


Press Note: Wednesday, 13 September, 2012 .


Renukha Chowdhary appreciates the leadership of the Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy


Wishing a happy birthday to the Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy, prominent MP, AICC spokesperson and former union minister Reunkha Chowdhary said that state government is moving in the right direction despite all the challenges in the State. She called upon on all the political parties in the State to make Biodiversity Summit scheduled to take place next month in Hyderabad a grand success. She opined that it is imperative to make the summit successful because its success will only bring investments to all the regions of the Andhra Pradesh.


Renukha Chowdhary was participating in a birthday party of the Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy organized by the Rural Agricultural Development Society (RADS) and Indraprastha Telugu Association in the Gurujada Hall of AP Bhavan in the national capital. After cutting the cake, she wished for the Chief Minister’s success and prosperity of the state under his leadership. She heaped praises on his integrity, honesty and administrative abilities. She also praised the RADS and Telugu associations for organizing the function in the AP Bhavan.


 Speaking on the occasion world-renowned artist and Padma Sri award winner S V Rama Rao urged the state government to pay attention to arts and culture. He lamented that the drawing teachers are not appointed nowadays but which was the case during the post-Independent India. Rama Rao expressed optimism that the state will progress and prosper under the leadership of Shri N. Kiran Kumar Reddy who is young and dynamic and delivering effective governance to the people of Andhra Pradesh despite odds. Renukha Chowdhary assured the gathering to take up the issue with the Chief Minister.


 Educationist and former Vice Chancellor of Andhra, Patna and Benares Hindu Universities, Prof Y. C. Simhadri said that though there are conflicts in the societies such as ours progress is inevitable and a continuous process. He said that the educational reforms in the State will reap the benefits in the coming years.


 Indraprastha Telugu Association’s Vice President Koti Reddy expressed that if any farmer applies of any type of loan it should be copied to the CM’s office. This will ensure whether the farmer is getting it or not. He also wished that the individual farmers and for each crop and each season there should be crop insurance and guide lines should be issued to the banks. Participating in the debate on Development & Challenges of Andhra Pradesh, Koti Reddy wished that subsidy for solar equipment should be provided so that solar energy will gain popularity in usage.


 Praising RADS for its initiatives on agricultural issues, Renukha Chowdhary expressed her dismay over dwindling popularity for agricultural and allied courses. She called upon the youth to take up agriculture and reap the benefits. She recalled that how she rode a tractor at the age of thirteen and how she became part of growing the crops such as pulses, maize and chillies.