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Rural Agricultural Development Society

Science Industrial tour for rural students to Hyderabad 26 to 29th Dec-2013


A few selected students of standard 8th, 9th,10th,11th and 12th of  Talupula (mandal), Kadiri(taluk), Ananthapur district, AP(state)  were taken to "Science Industrial tour" Hyderabad to inspire rural students towards latest trends on science and technologies and science popularization.


150 rural students of  talupula mandal departured to hyderabad on  26th Dec 2013. Before leaving the students were briefed by science experts and resource person about the tour, importance of Science and technology and rules to be followed in the tour.

The students visited B.M. Birla Science Museum, where the students read about the articles on pre-history and  saw Archaeological models, few of the physics experiments , light, sound , waves, concave and convex lens etc.. a lot more which was very interesting for the students.


They saw real bones and models of Dianasaurous, and the displayed cutleries which were used by the kings and queens, their heavy costumes and lot more.


The stuents enjoyed and learnt a lot of science exhibits  and had lot of questions, which made us feel that they want to know more and more.

Center for Cellular Molecular Biological

After a wonderful experience at Birla mandir and musuem, the students had good lunch and then we headed towards CSIR-CCMB, Center for Cellular Molecular Biological.


The students were welcomed to an auditorium and were shown half an hour movie on the new brand of rice which was called as SAMBA. The staff of CCMB also explained the students about the various qualities of rice and they also showed the different types of machines which are used to check the DNA of various brands of the rice.

The staff were very happy and Senior members appreciated RADS for bringing the rural students to their center, They also told the students that at their age, they were never exposed to such a kind of environment what the rural students are now showed, musuems, research ceter and so on.


We then went back to rooms had dinner and rested for the day.


The CSIR - CCMB wanted a group photo of Rural students visit as a memory  which was initiated by RADS.

A Group photo of Rural students and along with RADS members.


The next day the students were taken to Historical Charminar, students bought few bangles,and were amazed with the place. Then were taken to Salaur jung Museum, an amazing place and spent around 2 hours, which was not enough time to see the entire museum, the students wanted to spend more time, but due to shortage of time, they had to hurry to visit the  Hi-tech city of Hyderabad.


The students had lunch and then left to ZOO. The students played in the playground on see-saw and so on. They then saw animals, birds, and also appreciated the cleanliness.

Students Enjoying with their Staff Inside the ZOO



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