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Rural Agricultural Development Society

De-silting The Dam

The minor dam built across the river in Mandemvari Palli, Kummara Palli, Kalakada Mandal, Chittoor District,AP India is drought prone to silting every year. Since 2005, RADS has undertaken to clean the check dam during the dry season in the months of March, April and May by collecting the silt on the river bed which later is being used as manure for plants also cleaning damn will help for more rain water harvesting,conservation of water.

For this purpose , RADS hires tractors and manpower to cleaning the small rivers,gangers, small dams. This annual activity will taken up by RADS every year to maintaining a silt-free dams and also generates temporary employment to the local unemployed people.

The collected silt from the check dam is used as manure for fields of horticulture crafts and  orchards.

Dried dam mud used as organic fertilizer for the plants